As part of FOJORPS’ work to ‘create childhood memories’, a proportion of funds raised get spent ‘behind the scenes’. This means that money is spent as part of the school’s general outgoings, meaning that John of Rolleston’s stretched school budget can by better spent elsewhere.

Past funding for the school has included things like insurance for school trips, so parents don’t have to pay any more than voluntary entrance fees for outings; an annual web search-engine subscription, enabling each child to have safe access to approved websites on school computers; an entire ICT suite of new computers, ensuring each child has access to the latest technology, and don’t have to share a computer during lessons.

We also fund refreshments for all the great school events during the year, such as New Intake meetings, carols at Christmas, and ‘Ground Force’ days. These are an essential part of bringing the school together, and to help celebrate each child’s success throughout their school career.


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