FOJORPS is run on a voluntary basis by parents, guardians and carers of children at our school, and by school staff.

FOJORPS has an elected committee, voted for each year, which organises fundraising events and votes for how funds are allocated. Each member of the Committee is CRB checked.

Our elected committee for 2013-2014 is:

Chairperson: Russell Copley

Vice Chairperson:

Treasurer: Jaclyn Taylor

Secretary: Samantha Curry

Teacher Representatives: Rachel Cheshire/ Anna Potts

Committee: Samantha Bradbury, Paul Butler, Rachel Copley, Louise Fowkes, Wendy Garrett, Soeli Morgan, Toni Middleton, Louise Phillips, Owen Robinson, Claire Runacus, Paul Smith, Nicholas Sprenglewski, Fiona Wilkinson, Jane Woodward

We are a fun, friendly and honest Committee, working hard together to achieve the best results we can.

The benefits of joining a PTA can be tremendous! We at FOJORPS share a real sense of team spirit, and enjoy huge achievement. Our committee meets about once a month, over copious cups of tea (and sometimes even a biscuit, if you’re lucky!). We hold socials, and even an annual camping trip, and of course meet up at all of the fun events run throughout the school year. Our children learn the positivity of volunteering and feel the direct benefits it can achieve.

Every one of us has busy lives, whether we work full or part time, outside the home, or raising children. We have other life commitments, hobbies, families. We accept that we can’t possibly help with everything.

But we all agree that giving up a little time to our PTA reaps huge rewards, for us as individuals, and for our children.

If you feel you would like to be involved, however much or as little as you can, please get in touch. We’d love to hear from you!