We are FOJORPS (Friends of John of Rolleston Primary School), the fundraising PTA for John of Rolleston Primary School, Rolleston-On-Dove. FOJORPS is run entirely on a voluntary basis by parents, guardians and carers of children in our school and school staff. We operate as a registered charity.

All parents, carers, guardians and staff are automatically members of FOJORPS and are welcome to attend meetings.

We are dedicated to raising funds for our Primary School children each year to achieve our mission, ‘Creating Childhood Memories’. We aim to create  precious memories not only by our allocation of the funds raised, but through the fun fundraising events which we run to achieve these extra budgets.

Every penny of funds raised is spent on our school children, helping to provide those special ‘extras’ which tight school academic budgets just won’t stretch to, including things like school trips, fun play equipment, and additional IT Resources. For more information about where and how FOJORPS allocates its funds, please see the Achievements section of this website, read our blog, or join us at a FOJORPS meeting.

FOJORPS also organises non-profit events with the purpose of bringing parents/guardians/carers into the school and involving them in the school community. Both children and adults alike appreciate this special time in school together.

In the 2012-2013 academic year, FOJORPS raised in excess of £25,000 for our school! This is a phenomenal amount of money for a school PTA to raise – making us one of the top performing PTAs in the UK! If you want to have your say in where this money is allocated to benefit YOUR children – please GET INVOLVED!

If you’re a parent/guardian/carer of a child at John of Rolleston Primary School, or a local business or sponsor, and feel that you have something to contribute to your PTA, no matter how big or small, please feel free to get in touch.