Creating Childhood Memories

FOJORPS is a volunteer organisation in which every John of Rolleston family is a member. Learn more

Headteacher, John of Rolleston School
FOJORPS is a wonderful group of people who provide exciting opportunities for the children and parents to have fun, such as discos, quiz nights and pantomime trips and much more. They also raise a considerable amount for school funds, which has over the years provided 'extra' resources for our children, allowing us to enhance their learning experiences.
Early Years Foundation Stage Manager
The Foundation Team would like to thank FOJORPS for the funding to enhance the learning within the outdoor provision for Early Years. This addition to the setting will develop the children’s creativity, imagination and communication skills for many years to come.
Fojorps Committee member
Being part of such a dynamic, friendly and successful PTA has benefitted me and my family immeasurably. It has enabled me to have an involvement in my child's education, whilst learning more about the running of the school, and the spending decisions that are made. I wholeheartedly believe in the mission of fojorps, 'creating childhood memories', and know that we are helping to create a more fun, engaging learning environment for the children. On a personal level, as a stay at home mum soon looking to return to work, the experience and skills I have developed through my volunteering will hopefully hold me in good stead for returning to a professional environment.
I really love the stuff fojorps organises! I loved guessing the sweets in the jar at the Bazaar; dancing to the audience at Community Day; and having fun at the school discos! Everything really!
Parent of one child at John of Rolleston
As a parent, I really appreciate the work that fojorps does for the school. We love going to the events throughout the year, the kids are always really entertained. Knowing that the funds raised are spent on improving my child's school experience is priceless. Also, when fojorps helps part fund school trips, it helps take the pressure off our already stretched home-budget. Thanks fojorps!
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